Discover the magic of a full moon circle

1/20/20241 min read

total lunar eclipse
total lunar eclipse

What is a Full Moon Circle? You may have heard of these gatherings before, but what exactly are they?

A Full Moon Circle is a sacred and inclusive space where individuals come together to honor the cycles of the moon and engage in a holistic approach to personal and collective growth. These gatherings can differ depending on the culture or community, but they all share a common goal: to create a safe and supportive environment for people to connect with themselves and others.

At LunaBox, we have curated guided experiences to help you fully immerse yourself in the full moon experience. Our guided experiences include meditation, movement, and journaling prompts that are designed to help you tune into your inner worlds and connect with the energy of the moon.

It's important to note that Full Moon Circles are not tied to any particular religion or belief system. LunaBox was created with a non-denominational yet spiritual understanding to enhance your journey of self-discovery and connection. Our goal is to create a space where you can explore your own spirituality and connect with others in a supportive and inclusive environment.

So if you're looking for a way to deepen your connection with yourself and others, consider ordering a box or checking out a Full Moon Circle on our Instagram page. We hope to see you soon!